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1st Annual Folly Beach Pub Crawl 2013

Well, our first ever Folly Beach Pub Crawl/Scavenger Hunt was a great success…we had a total of about 15 participants (Where were you?) who journeyed to seven different pubs on Folly Beach, searching out answers to all the clues to complete their cards, and enjoying drink and food specials as we went.  Once all the answers were found, they returned to the starting point, where all the entries were verified, and then entered into a 50/50 drawing benefiting our 2013 Toys For Tots fund.  Congratulations to Bev, who’s name was selected from all the correct entries.  She took home bragging rights for the next year, and a bit of cool cash, and our Toys for Tots fund was increased too!!  Look for details for our coming 2nd annual crawl!

November Meeting Reminder…

Did you know that most children in the foster care system have to move several times a year?  Did you know that many of them have to pack their belongings in trash bags when they move?  Would you like to do something about it?  Well, here’s your chance!!  At our November 19th meeting, we will be collecting donations of clean suitcases in good, useable condition.  They will be delivered to the Charleston County Department of Social Services the following day, and from there be distributed to foster children in need.

Thank you to all who donated…on Wednesday November 20th we delivered 30 suitcases to the South Carolina DSS for distribution to the foster kids!! Great job!!!