Mardi Crawl Postponed

Mardi Crawl Announcement from LCPHC President, Nick Pezzorello:

In the last few weeks, as I am sure you all have seen, COVID numbers have been on a dramatic rise in South Carolina and across the entire country.. We have been working diligently planning Mardi Crawl. However, we find ourselves in the unfortunate position where we must consider the safety of the attendees, staff, volunteers, our families, friends, and phlock. It would be irresponsible for us to hold an event during a time when COVID cases are at a peak. For that reason we have decided that we must reschedule Mardi Crawl for a later date.

The Mardi Crawl planning committee is working with the participating restaurants to select a later date. Once that date is confirmed, we will announce and put tickets on sale. We will continue to keep everyone posted as we move forward. Thank you everyone and please continue to stay safe.

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