MardiCrawl 2014 Date Change

It was NOT an easy decision to make, but the LCPHC has decided to change the date of the 2014 MardiCrawl from February 22 to MARCH 22.

The US Army Corps of Engineers will be dredging Shem Creek for the next several weeks, and their schedule will have their barges, cranes, etc. directly in the vicinity of several of our venues on or about February 22.  We thought we would be able to make some changes and work around it, but more information came to light as to the magnitude of the disruption, not to mention the noise this project will create.  (They will be working 7 days a week until completion).  While they MAY be completed by the Feb 22nd date, it was just too close to call, and we simply couldn’t chance it.

Our first priority (along with our charities) are our attendees.  We want everyone to have fun, and enjoy all that our venues offer, and this project would severely impact that on various levels.

We hope you will join us for our rescheduled “Party With a Purpose”!!!